Controlled Atmosphere

Preserve your commodities by a non-toxic treatment

Controlled Atmosphere a Non-Toxic fumigation

Controlled Atmosphere (ZerOx®) is one of the most reliable organic pest control systems on the todays marked.

Controlled Atmosphere (low-oxygen) is an organic pest control system that is completely safe. A non-chemical treatment with 100% effective and  the treatment leaves no residues on your product. It ensures no change in the quality, taste and color of the treated product. The system is able to achieve a 100% mortality rate for all insects in all development stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Controlled Atmosphere is the best solution for Phosphine resistance insects.

100% mortality of all life stages

A Controlled Atmosphere system is suitable for all types of dried food products, rice, grain, seeds, corn,  nuts, beans, legumes (e.g. lentils), concentrates, dried fruits, tobacco, coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, herbs, sugar and more.  

Because no chemicals are used, no toxic residues will remain on the stored product. Insects can also become immune to chemicals over time, which is not possible with low oxygen. This method of organic pest control is and remains 100% effective and complies with the strict regulations for fumigation, also for the organic food industry.


Eliminating Pests in All Life Stages
Eliminates 100% of insects in stored product
No Residues
No chemical residues on products
No Resistance
No resistance in pest population
Organic Production
Can be used towards organic production
Costs savings
Highly efficient nitrogen & innovative heating system
Flexible Solutions
Choose between fixed or mobile options
Treatment Data Collected
A record of the treatment is available


ZerOx® is suitable for dry food and non-food products, ranging from cocoa, nuts, green coffee, tea, dried spices and herbs, seeds, beans, lentils, concentrates, grains, corn, dried fruit & vegetables, tobacco, etc.


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