Natural Fumigation Containers

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Insect treatment without chemicals

The ZerOx mobile fumigation container is a plug-and-play concept. The container with a built-in CA system can be easily transported to any desired location and because no chemicals are used during the treatment, the installation is not bound to any regulation or governmental rules and can be installed on any spot necessary.

With the help of a wireless connection, the system can be remote controlled to improve service and control.

This container is ideal for the decontamination of any type of product, even wooden furnitures or antique artefacts. Not only does the CA system controls the oxygen level necessary for ZerOx treatment, the machine can also regulate temperature to facilitate heat treatment.

In addition, the CA machine regulates humidity in order to e.g. prevent the wood from drying out. The container is suited for an optimal decontamination and preservation of all sorts of commodities.

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