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How Controlled Atmosphere works

Non-toxic treatments with 100% morality

Controlling pests without leaving harmful chemical residues

The air around us contains 20,9% oxygen and 78,1% nitrogen. The CA fumigation system of b-Cat makes use of this surrounding air by splitting the oxygen and the nitrogen to lowers the oxygen level in a gas-tight environment to extremely low levels.

Beside the oxygen concentrations also the temperature and humidity is controlled. The combination of temperature and oxygen levels detirm the lethal conditions of all life stages of the target pests (eggs, larvae, pupae & adults).

The system can be attached to any hermetically sealed space as chambers, silo’s or containers. The CA treatments is not only suitable for the organic products but also for the conventional commodities.

A simple single button operation to start the treatments

When the materials are loaded in the hermetically sealed space the operator controlls the room by a local Touch panel or Remotely to start the treatment.

Inside the treatment space the temperature will be controlled in the ambient & core of the product. If the core product temperature is almost at the target levels, the oxygen will be lowered. When oxygen and temperature are at the right parameters the system countdown the treatment period. All processes are fully automatically controlled.

The use of Controlled Atmospheres (CA) to control insect in post-harvest durables is growing rapidly and replacing toxic chemicals. Since >20 years b-Cat has developed and improved the treatment parameters and technology. At this stage the treatmentsare faster as Phosphine fumigations with the advance there is no resistance and 100% non-toxic treatment. The b-Cat Controlled Atmosphete Technology is safe for all dry commodities.

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