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Project description

VeeTee Rice is an international player in the food market. VeeTee Rice imports rice, and there for its possible that the goods are infested. To ensure a 100% mortality they have invested in the b-Cat

 b-Cat have installed 2 Controlled Atmosphere chambers. b-Cat became in the picture after a bankruptcy of a competitor, they didn’t had the internal power anymore to fulfill the project. Based on the received information b-Cat re-designed the project and with the limited space available we created the wanted capacity for the client.


Veetee Rice Limited is one of the largest rice companies in the UK, supplying rice to major supermarkets and exporting internationally to over 50 countries, from its headquarters in Rochester, Kent.

You can get rice anywhere. But the best rice comes from Veetee. That’s because we’re unapologetically obsessed with quality. Always light, aromatic and fluffed to perfection, our rice belongs at the heart of any meal.

VeeTee Rice

Some key facts:

CountryUnited Kingdom
Year of completion2017
Number of chambers2
Capacity each chamber20 Mt
Type of generatorPSA 40


Eliminating Pests in All Life Stages
Eliminates 100% of insects in stored product
No Residues
No chemical residues on products
No Resistance
No resistance in pest population
Organic Production
Can be used towards organic production
Costs savings
Highly efficient nitrogen & innovative heating system
Flexible Solutions
Choose between fixed or mobile options
Treatment Data Collected
A record of the treatment is available

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