JTI Shisha, Amman

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Project description

JTI Jordan has a new Shisha factotry where also b-Cat installed a Controlled Atmosphere Fumigation chamber, fully comform the CORESTA Guideline.

The chamber is installed against the incomming dock and separated from the rest of the building. Frm the incomming products 100% will be treated in the chamber. After treatment the products will be stored in a separated clean warehousing.

Beside JTI Jordan we also have supplied to other affiliates for Japan Tobacco International like:

  • JTI Taiwan
  • JTI Malaysia
  • JTI Turkiye


JTI – Japan Tobacco International is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco, a leading international tobacco product manufacturer. The holding company is JT International SA and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and sells its brands in 120 countries

Some key facts:

Year of completion2023
Number of chambers1
Capacity each chamber4 x 40″Ft container
Type of generatorPSA 100


Eliminating Pests in All Life Stages
Eliminates 100% of insects in stored product
No Residues
No chemical residues on products
No Resistance
No resistance in pest population
Organic Production
Can be used towards organic production
Costs savings
Highly efficient nitrogen & innovative heating system
Flexible Solutions
Choose between fixed or mobile options
Treatment Data Collected
A record of the treatment is available

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