Montepaz, Uruguay

We thank Montepaz that b-Cat is selected for the extension of the Controlled Atmosphere system at their facility in Montevideo. In 2015 b-Cat installed a 2 chamber facility, this year we are going the built the same system again and thereby Montepaz is doubling the capacity for the treatment of their high value products. More […]

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Ahmad Tea , UAE

We are proud to announce that b-Cat is selected by Ahmad Tea UAE to install a Controlled Atmosphere Chamber in the facility in Ras Al Haimah. Just like many other companies Ahmad Tea tries to avoid toi use any chemicals to fight the insect problems. By installing the Controlled Atmosphere system they can give the

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JTI (Jordan) Manufacturing

JTI Jordan is going to built an extension Controlled Atmosphere Treatment faility in the Shisha Warehousing side. b-Cat is sellected for the work in Amman. After we have constructed 4 (double doors) Controlled Atmosphere chambers in 2021 we are going to built a complete new installation for the Shisha factory. The warehouse for the Controlled

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Alternative phytosanitary treatment

Australian Goverment Department of Agriculture, Water and the Envirnoment published 20 August 2021 that Controlled Atmosphere is a Alternative Phytosanitary Treatment agains the Khapra Beetle. Current approved phytosanitary treatments known to be effective against khapra beetle (methyl bromide fumigation treatment and heat treatment) are not viable options for some products and exporting countries.We have explored

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