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Australian Goverment Department of Agriculture, Water and the Envirnoment published 20 August 2021 that Controlled Atmosphere is a Alternative Phytosanitary Treatment agains the Khapra Beetle.

Current approved phytosanitary treatments known to be effective against khapra beetle (methyl bromide fumigation treatment and heat treatment) are not viable options for some products and exporting countries.
We have explored the use of modified (including controlled) atmosphere treatments, such as carbon dioxide and reduced oxygen as an alternative treatment to manage khapra beetle.
The basis for using modified or controlled atmospheres to manage post-harvest insect infestations is that insects, including khapra beetle, are aerobic organisms, requiring oxygen for their survival. Modifying the atmosphere composition within the treated enclosure, by decreasing oxygen (O2) concentration or increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, has a detrimental effect on their survival.