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Effects & Advantages

of natural insect treatment

  • 100% insect mortality rate;
  • Non-toxic treatment & no chemical residues;
  • Optimal flexibility; 
  • Minimal operating cost (from 4 to 22 kWh for oxygen scrubber);
  • Safe for dried commodities like nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, powders, grain, rice, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, coffee, spices, herbs, cocoa, and more.;
  • Central control unit & oxygen scrubber can handle 100+ connected spaces/rooms;
  • System can be used simultaneously for treatment, conservation and fire prevention purposes;
  • Circulation system, with injection option (saves 30% energy);
  • Maintenance friendly;
  • Maximal lifespan & capacity of oxygen scrubber due to use of high quality materials;
  • Easy operations: fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual. 

Compare the b-Cat natural fumigation treatment to other fumigation systems.