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Organic pest control  


Controlled atmosphere insect treatment 

ZerOx® is one of the most reliable organic pest control systems on the todays marked. Controlled atmosphere / low oxygen is an organic pest control system that is completely safe, natural and 100% effective. Because no chemicals are used, no toxic residues will remain on the stored product. Insects can also become immune to chemicals over time, which is not possible with low oxygen. This method of organic pest control is and remains 100% effective and complies with the strict regulations for fumigation, also for the organic food industry (EEC 2092/91 and NOP)

100% pest control in all life stages 

Low oxygen atmosphere is an organic pest control method based on the principle no oxygen, no life. Just like any living creature does insects also need oxygen to stay alive. When insects cannot get oxygen for a longer period of time, they will be controlled in an organic way. That is also the reason why we call our controlled atmosphere system ZerOx®. By reducing the oxygen level in a gas-tight room to less than 0.5%, the system is able to achieve a 100% mortality rate for all insects in all development stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.


Low Oxygen Atmosphere

A Controlled Atmosphere system makes it possible to create a Low Oxygen atmosphere in a gas-tight

No oxygen, no life

Food commodities

A Controlled Atmosphere system is suitable for all types of dried food products: rice, grain, seeds, corn,  nuts, beans, legumes (e.g. lentils), concentrates, dried fruits, tobacco, coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, herbs, sugar and more. The system is not suitable for fresh fruits or vegetables, which still consume oxygen. 


O2, CO2, humidity & temperature

Depending on the type of food product, and on the type of insect pest, it may be necessary to manage different conditions in the gastight room (or tent, or container). With a ZerOx® system it’s possible to control O2, CO2, temperature and humidity.



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