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Compare Insect Treatments


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The most common, existing alternative fumigation methods for Methyl Bromide, apart from the ZerOx system, are:

Ozone fumigation compared to ZerOx:

X Higher investment cost

X Toxic effects if in contact with humans
X Extremely oxidative
X Not suited for all products
X Ozone is very difficult to detect
X Technology still in development stage

Phosphine compared to ZerOx:

√ Low cost
 Treatment time similar to ZerOx
Toxic fumigation
X Chemical residues: not suited for organic products
X Requires ventilation after use
X Treatment time depends on humidity (RH) and temperature

X Environmentally unfriendly

CO2 high pressure compared to ZerOx:

X High investment cost
 Quick treatment
X Limited volumes can be treated
X Application not flexible
X Environmentally unfriendly

CO2 fumigation compared to ZerOx:

X High investment cost
X More complex installation required
X More maintenance required
X Higher operating cost
X Limited flexibility
X Risk of CO production
X Environment UNfriendly.